Theater Play ( for kids (7-12) in English )

Imagination is key to children’s development. In these classes, we will immerse ourselves in fantastic stories about fairies or cowboys. We explore numerous ways of navigating situations, probing possibilities, and consequently finding our own ways.

My theater classes are based on the pedagogical methods of Augusto Boal and Paulo Freire. In an exploratory phase, activities will help children to create through participatory story development, scenery, and acting. In a practical phase, activities will help children to produce, in a process that we will learn how to listen to each other, voice our opinions, and make decisions while being on stage. The course will help them speak English, develop their stage and social skills.

At the end of the year, the group will have great fun presenting our work to family and friends. This course is led by Nathaly Leduc.

September 2021 – JUNE 2022

Monday 16h30 to 17h30
14 bis avenue Giuseppe Motta 1202 Genève Information, rates and registration : or 078 708 40 18

Nathaly Leduc is a Brazilian-french theater-maker based in Geneva and co-founder of Les Amis Savoureux. She has over a decade of experience in performing, producing, and directing plays in English and Portuguese. Nathaly has also designed classes to train people communicate creatively, effectively, and confidently. Nathaly received her theater degree from the Philippe Gaulier School in Paris. She holds a BA in communications, and a master’s in Anthropology from the Graduate Institute Geneva, where she wrote a dissertation on theater and development.

Nathaly also is also certified by EduCare – Child Protection for International Schools and trained as an educator by Foundation Bienal de São Paulo.

More about Nathaly Leduc here.


TRIMESTRE ( SEPT – DEC / JAN – MAR / AVR – JUN ) 1 x semaine

300 CHF/trimestre : prix de base

350 CHF/trimestre : prix de soutien

400 CHF/trimestre : prix de super soutien

250 CHF/trimestre : prix pour les personnes intéressées mais dans la desh

???????? CHF/trimestre : Si tu es très très pauvre ou très très riche et que tu veux t’arranger

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